Today we will share Reasons to Study in Melbourne. Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in Australia. It is rich in culture and arts and home to the best universities and multinational companies. Though the cost of education and living is high, the quality is worth it.

Top Universities

Melbourne is one of the most chosen cities for education. It has the 6 best universities in the world including some global universities. Like Monash University, Victoria University, etc. 

These universities focus on education quality, creative teaching methods, and benefits and safety for students. They are continuously working to make the students ready for the world. It also has private institutions, schools, and colleges.

Employment Opportunities

Melbourne is called the tech capital of Australia. Half of the tech companies are located here. It also has creative industries, tourism sectors, etc. The start-up industry is rising day by day here. 


Melbourne is a diverse place. People from any part of the world will feel at home here. People from over 140 different cultures are living here. Most of them speak two languages other than English. 

Restaurants are filled with different types of cuisines. It is like heaven for food lovers. Most international students come here to study which makes it culturally vibrant.


Australia is a safe country to live in. Melbourne is also the same. The crime rate is low and authorities are always on alert when it comes to safety for the citizens. The nightlife is amazing and you can enjoy it without worrying about security. Authorities provide security cameras, home and fire safety, travel safety, and beach safety.

Cultural Events

Melbourne is a place for cultural heritage and history. It has a year packed with different festivals like Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Moomba Festival, and Melbourne Comedy Festival.

There are many art galleries, museums, theaters, and live music to visit and enjoy. They also organize different events throughout the year.

Sports Events

Melbourne can be the best place for sports lovers. Even if you are not into sports, the whole environment is a treat to the eyes. It is joyous and festive. There are the Australian Grand Prix, Australian Open, and Melbourne Cup. There are many regular matches for Australian Rules football, cricket, and basketball.


Melbourne's weather is very friendly. The summer is warm and sunny, autumn is comforting, and winter is chilly but not intolerant. One of the unique characteristics of this city is you can experience four seasons in one day. It can go from sunny to cloudy to cold in one day.


Being a big city, Melbourne also has to offer beautiful views for nature lovers. It has magnificent parks, gardens, and a zoo. 

Like Royal Botanic Gardens, Treasury Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Warrandyte, Dandenong Ranges, the Grampians National Park, and Healesville Sanctuary.

Public Transport

The transport system is very efficient and comfortable. There are buses, trains, trams, and taxis. The fare is reasonable and the facilities are high quality.

Melbourne is a great place for every kind of person. You can have quality education, diverse culture, beautiful places to visit, a job guarantee, and so on. Hope our list of Reasons to Study in Melbourne will guide you through the journey.

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